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Featured Review Archedify wild rift confirmed review Verified Review
10 games

I was very confused about there was no Ingame update so im sorry for the first booster that i kicked him out of the Order, but the problem was i think Wild Rift doesnt have an API to show progress, atleast both boosters did a great job.

Rift Boost Team

Hello! Yeah no tracker atm, but it will be updated when game release fully, i hope so! Thanks for feedback.

Featured Review Binxi wild rift confirmed review Verified Review
Bronze II
Gold IV

Boosters behavior was great, speed was awesome.

Rift Boost Team

We are always do our best, thank you :)

Featured Review Chrislovevero wild rift confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum IV
Platinum II

my booster is very good at playing the only thing missing a bit of communication, but he got what I asked for

Rift Boost Team

We will on communcation for sure! Thanks for you review and order

Featured Review Makonga wild rift confirmed review Verified Review
Gold III
Platinum III

In beggining i was worried about boosting quality, but later he did great and quick job, hes good and skilled

Rift Boost Team

Always for you, appreciate!

Featured Review Heterology wild rift confirmed review Verified Review
Iron II
Gold III

so nice and so friendly highly recommend this service !

Rift Boost Team

oh thank you buddy! glad to hear that