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Featured Review 7amadah wild rift confirmed review Verified Review
Silver I
Gold III

Amazing, astounding and extraordinary. Played duo, was there on time, carried the team 1vs9 potential, no matter how bad was the team, was on a win streak won 11 games the same day. Simply put definitely my go to guy went it comes to boosting!

Rift Boost Team

Thank you mate, working for ya!

Featured Review Archedify wild rift confirmed review Verified Review
10 games

I was very confused about there was no Ingame update so im sorry for the first booster that i kicked him out of the Order, but the problem was i think Wild Rift doesnt have an API to show progress, atleast both boosters did a great job.

Rift Boost Team

Hello! Yeah no tracker atm, but it will be updated when game release fully, i hope so! Thanks for feedback.

Featured Review Swank Masta Ra wild rift confirmed review Verified Review
Emerald II
Diamond IV

i put in the request, went to take a shit, came back and the boost was completed he actually so fast im still on the toilet taking the above mentioned shit as i write this review what an absolute gangsta

Rift Boost Team

Thanks for ordering from us, glad you liked the service :)

Featured Review Cute egirl UwU wild rift confirmed review Verified Review
10 games

Gladiator is the best! Really above and beyond! I recommend Gladiator for any boosting! Really nice, very fast, and sticks to promise of high KDA and high winrate! Really amazing!

Rift Boost Team

Thank you! Enjoy your account!

Featured Review Im Boosted wild rift confirmed review Verified Review
Gold I
Platinum III

Eng- really fast really good He is friendly and helps a lot! I trust him with close eyes! GR- Υπερβολικά πολύ καλός πολύ δυνατά plays και φιλικός! Τον προτείνω με τα μάτια κλειστά!

Rift Boost Team

Thanks again! You're awesome :)