Wild Rift Booster: Zelo
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diamond 3

My name is Zelo, I have been boosting League of Legends for 3 years and am bringing my experience and skills to wild rift! In LoL I peaked 385LP grandmasters in 2020. In wild rift I am currently Diamond 3 which is top 100 in the North and South American leaderboards. I mainly play Baron lane and I am open to solo as well as duo boosting. If you wish to voice chat while playing I am also open to doing that too. If you choose me as your booster I can promise that not only will you get your desired rank, but you'll learn and expand your knowledge on macro and decision making at a high level.

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This booster cannot be selected since he either disabled the selection option or he was inactive on our service for some time. We offer you to choose another booster!